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Derek Yu on How to Finish a Game

Posted by Rampant Coyote on September 22, 2010

I think I need to permanently bookmark this piece and re-read it weekly. Derek Yu offers fifteen solid tips for actually finishing a game. It’s called, mysteriously enough:

Finishing a Game

I have been known to actually finish games from time to time. So I do have some perspective on this, though probably not as much as he.  But from what I can tell, he’s pretty much spot-on on every single point. He notes that there are exceptions to every rule, stating, “I don’t believe that there’s a right way to make games. It’s a creative endeavor, so there are no hard and fast rules that can’t be broken at some point. But as a game developer who has discussed this problem with other game developers, I feel like there are some mental traps that we all fall into at some point, especially when we’re starting out. Being aware of these traps is a great first step towards finishing something.

These are some incredibly valuable guidelines.  Indie devs and potential indie devs, take note!

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  • Greg Squire said,

    Yeah I should take this to heart too. Duly noted that Derek Yu has given me a kick in the pants. 😉