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Magical Diary: Wolf Hall Crowdfunding Campaign

Posted by Rampant Coyote on January 28, 2019

Man, I kinda miss the days when game devs would make a game, and THEN people would buy it. Of course, that requires people, you know, BUYING games. We’re getting to the point where crowdfunding is often as much of a marketing and sales tool as a funding tool. But hey, that’s indie… you gotta stay agile and go with what works.

Anyway, to that end… Hanako Games is crowdfunding Magical Diary: Wolf Hall via Kickstarter. I really enjoyed Magical Diary: Horse Hall many winters ago, and I’m glad Hanako is finally coming out with a sequel. Hanako is a very established company, and has been doing these games for years (including some outstanding hits like Cute Knight and Long Live the Queen), so from a crowdfunding perspective, this is pretty low risk.

Magical Diary: Wolf Hall, assuming it continues in a similar line as the first one, is a hybrid RPG. One part RPG (complete with dungeon crawling… of a sort), one part dating sim, and one part visual novel, you play as a student in a magical academy in Vermont (*cough*NotHogwarts*cough*). Flunking out of the school is a possibility. Dying is a possibility (at least in the first one). As you gain powers and magical abilities, you not only use these powers to navigate tests and puzzles down in the dungeon (with multiple approaches and no single “best” way to overcome the challenges!), but sometimes to navigate the storyline as well.

I’m looking forward to playing this one.

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  • CdrJameson said,

    So, not an RPG set amongst the political machinations of the court of Henry VIII? That’s actually a shame.

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    LOL. Nope, not this time… 🙂