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Well, we’re doomed… VR-based advertising proves tremendously effective

Posted by Rampant Coyote on December 13, 2017

Unsurprisingly, emotional response to VR-based advertising was tremendously more powerful than other media. And of course, Unity sees this as a positive because they are an easy tool for creating Virtual Reality-based advertising. As Agatha Bochenek, the writer of this article at the Unity Blog, puts it, “I think of VR ads kind of like going skydiving on a first date. There’s no guarantee of happily ever after, but at least you won’t be forgotten.”

Of course, right now the trade-off is that VR is still a niche technology. It has a powerful impact, but a limited audience. Now, okay… as I am a guy who is also in the business of selling my stuff,  I understand the need for advertising and selling. And as anyone who has watched the Superbowl ads without watching the Superbowl can tell you, ads can be quite entertaining in their own right. Used responsibly, these might not be terrible.

However, VR can be intensely personal, and I’m a little reluctant to surrender that space to some of these marketers and what they might consider a “good idea.” This ad for Jigsaw? I don’t think I would want want to go through that.

But you can get the scoop, some numbers and graphs here:

Interactive VR ad achieves higher emotional response than traditional formats

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