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It’s “Cyber Monday” and hey, I’m on sale!

Posted by Rampant Coyote on November 27, 2017

It’s “Cyber Monday” – the Monday after Thanksgiving, where those of us who avoid stores like the plague on “Black Friday” try to pick up online deals. There are a few I’m actually involved in!

First off, on Amazon, three anthologies containing my stories are on sale from Xchyler Publishing – two steampunk tales, and a paranormal story.¬† The ebook price is steeply discounted. BUT – the real deal is the paperback price. It’s at the steepest discount the paperbacks have ever received, *AND* if you buy them, you will get the ebook version for free. It’s a great way to sample some new authors.

Terra Mechanica: A Steampunk Anthology

  • This book contains my first published short story, “Dots, Dashes, and Deceit.” An autistic savant, coded messages inside telegrams, sound-controlled robots, and an airship figure into this little steampunk yarn.

Mechanized Masterpieces 2

  • Fifty years after the Headless Horseman ran Ichabod Crane out of Sleepy Hollow (or ran off with Ichabod’s head, depending on whom you believe…), a young man comes to Sleepy Hollow and befriends the aging Van Brunt family, and discovers the bizarre secrets of their past.

Beyond the Wail

  • Ever put something down for a few minutes, and when you come back for it, it has disappeared? When this happens to a laptop inside a locked office, two young technically savvy entrepreneurs decide to track it down… and to their horror learn firsthand where such things go.

As a bonus, Immortal Works Press, which is publishing my first novel next year, is also having a big sale on their books. You can check out the collection here at Amazon.

If you are more interested in gaming, I have Frayed Knights: The Skull of S’makh-Daon steeply discounted for the Steam Autumn Sale. You still have about 24 hours to snag this one at the lowest I have discounted it on Steam, like, ever.

Frayed Knights: The Skull of S’makh-Daon is a tongue-in-cheek computer role-playing game for Windows about a team of unlikely heroes: An adrenaline-junky rogue, a diminutive warrior with a chip on her soldier, a tree-hugging nature priest, and a ditsy¬† sorceress with a quick trigger finger. When strange ‘accidents’ are befalling the greatest adventuring teams in the kingdom, the Frayed Knights may be the ones to solve the mystery.


Fun stuff, cheap! Go get ’em!


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