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Divinity: Original Sin 2 Releases!

Posted by Rampant Coyote on September 14, 2017

The thing I discovered as an indie game developer is that Murphy’s Law adores release days. Today is the release day for Divinity: Original Sin 2, the next crowdfunded game where Larian shows us just what kind of games they will make without compromises made to publishers. Their campaign earned them a couple million, although I imagine the sales of the first Divinity: Original Sin provided the bulk of their funding, considering the size of their team. But… a major power-outage struck their city, and so things were a bit delayed. Hopefully that’s all been sorted out by now.

As a backer, I had early access. I decided not to take advantage of it, for two reasons: #1 – I have been slammed for time to do anything this last year, and #2 – I really wanted to wait for the final, polished release. However, I thought the first game was really well-done. They mixed some innovative ideas with some classic concepts, and while far from perfect, I really enjoyed it. I hope the sequel exceeds the original.

In particular, 4-player coop campaign and a custom “Game Master Mode” (as in Neverwinter Nights) seem really, really cool, if I could actually afford the time commitment to play. And… if my friends could, too. Wait, I do have friends, I think. I’ve been neglecting them lately, so I am not certain…


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  • Cuthalion said,

    That looks really, really cool! But I have the same time and friends problem lol. I still need to finish the original.

  • Modran said,

    Yeah. Still need to finish the first one in coop mode. I got a child, he got a girlfriend, we got nowhere :'(.