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STORYHACK 0! Extra pulpy!

Posted by Rampant Coyote on April 27, 2017

My story, “Dead Last,” will be appearing in the inaugural issue of StoryHack magazine… issue zero! Hopefully the first of many, many, many issues, StoryHack is a magazine of action & adventure stories across┬ámultiple genres. In fact, in the tradition of the early pulps that predate genre definitions, it sounds like it’s deliberately turning a blind eye to genre and just publishing action and adventure stories that “feel” pulp… fun, action, and thrills.

On top of that, I’m familiar with several of the authors, and they write really good stuff. I’m honored share the same issue with them! Well, okay, honored and puzzled, because I feel like I’m out of my league. ­čÖé ┬áThis is going to be a hell of a fun issue.


I was lucky enough to meet Bryce at a writing conference a few weeks ago, where he gave me the good news that he’d accepted my urban-fantasy-meets-espionage short story. We had a great conversation, and he is the real deal–a writer and pulp aficionado with perhaps a slight bias towards the classic detective stories. This initial issue is a labor of love that he’s using as proof of concept for a crowdfunding campaign for future issues (coming soon!).

If you are like me, you probably find it impossible to keep track of all the new books and authors coming out of this brave, new world of publishing where there is more good stuff than ever before… and more awfulness than ever before. Anthologies and magazines of short stories are a great way to find new authors you might like, and they are entertaining in their own right. I’ve been slammed by the day job again, so┬áshort stories are a great way to go with limited reading time at night.

And of course, I am thrilled by this resurgence of interest in “pulp-style” ┬ástories. Again, when I’m exhausted from a twelve-hour workday and only have a few minutes of R&R time, ┬áI want something full of action, thrills, and escapism. I enjoy having a steady stream of these kinds of stories that satisfy the craving. ­čÖé

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