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Gamedev Addicts Anonymous…

Posted by Rampant Coyote on January 24, 2017

[At the weekly meeting of Game Dev Addicts Anonymous]

Hi, I’m Jay.

Hi Jay

I’ve gone nearly 30 days without game development.


No, it’s driving me crazy! It’s mainly because my primary development computer went on the fritz and died and I’m waiting on a replacement. I haven’t touched it because I couldn’t transfer my main project to my laptop in time, and I didn’t want to start on something new, but after three weeks, I’m starting to look at everything I see with an eye towards how I could turn it into a game. I now have something like twenty game ideas I seriously want to work on. Each could be done pretty quick… in two weeks. Except… deep down I know that two weeks really equal at least six months.

Stay strong, man! We know you can beat the addition!

Screw beating the addiction!

Don’t say that!

I  can’t help it. Dang it, I need to be making games. I’ve had some old ideas for the Commodore 64 I want to play with. Not really on a C-64 emulator, just in that style. And some arcade-style games. I wonder if I have a backup of my old Apocalypse Cow resources…  I keep talking about redoing that in Unity…

Hang tough! It’s been almost 30 days, man!

I mean, it takes almost nothing to start a new project. I’ve done the “Game in Zero Hours” thing during the daylight savings time switch. It’s very doable. I don’t even need to turn it into a commercial product.

But you’ll want to, anyway. We’re all like that!

I mean, how about just… JUST… doing combat from a tactics RPG.

It sounds like nothing, then you’ll be just a month away from completion for the next twelve months!

Just a little arcade game. Or a little RPG experiment. How about a bare-bones strategy game? Just a game in a weekend thing. I really should experiment with my Steam controller, too. I bet there are some cool things I could do with that. I have this folder of ideas I wanted to try on the Ouya. How hard would it be to do an update to Void War?

That all does sound kind of fun, but…

How about a game where you are jousting with tanks, instead of shooting? Or, I’ve got it, a strategy game of frogs vs. flies? Or something where you are the wind spirit and your job is to try and make clouds that resemble something so people on the ground can marvel at how coincidentally it resembles something?

Here’s this experimental idea with procedural level generation I wanted to try. And I still have this GameMaker Studio license I haven’t done anything with since that little protest game. I haven’t even opened the RPG Maker licenses I’ve owned since that bundle deal a couple of years ago. Although really, I think I’ll stick with Unity if I want to be productive. I’m getting pretty good at it by now.

You guys gotta help me! I’m addicted. I’m going through withdrawal. How do I manage this … I’m about to go and make Yet Another Breakout Clone any minute just to satisfy my craving.

Folks…? Hello…? Talk me down…?

[Everyone in the Game Dev Addicts Anonymous has left to make their own games…]

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  • Namco said,

    I still haven’t got my head around the “Game in Zero Hours” thing. How does it work again?

    For me, game dev-wise, I’m taking a little break, now that I’ve released E.T., before I get back into the swing of things…..but I may carry on with Mega Drive 68k tutorials here and there – I’m partway through them anyway.

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    @Namco – basically, it’s a game-in-an-hour thing. EXCEPT … you do it in the fall when we switch to Daylight Savings Time (if you live in a place that does that). So you start at 1 AM, and at 2 AM the clocks change back to 1 AM… so you finish by 1 AM, the same “time” you began. Voila! You’ve made a game in NO TIME.

  • McTeddy said,

    I don’t have a problem I can quit anytime I want to!

    I mean… sure it doesn’t pay well.

    I mean… sure…. no respect

    I mean… sure… it takes forever.

    But… but… HELP ME!

  • GBGames said,

    Oh, man, Void Wars updates!

  • GBGames said,

    Also, wait, what, an E.T. remake? I’m one of the only people I know who loved that game.

    /me checks it out.

  • Namco said,

    @GBGames Hope you like it. Feedback is appreciated as I haven’t had much feedback about it. Especially from the Atari Age forums.