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Elite: Dangerous adds long-awaited content in coolest way possible

Posted by Rampant Coyote on January 6, 2017

There was one alien race in the Elite series waaay back when – the Thargoids. They were present in the first game as enemies. Insofar as it had a storyline, the Thargoids were involved in the story of the third Elite game, Frontier: First Encounters. As I understand, they weren’t enemies in the that one. I never played much of Frontier: First Encounters, because it was buggy and hated my joystick. Huge disappointment for me, because I was addicted to the point of obsession to Frontier: Elite 2 for months.

The Thargoids have been largely absent except for hints in the new Elite: Dangerous.

Until now, that is. They are starting to appear, now, and pretty much in the best possible way EVER. It’s a treat for those players who have encountered it, and it also does a great job of providing a powerful atmospheric effect to remind you that you are supposed to be in space… and space is scary and dangerous and empty. I’m gonna have to get back to playing. Hats off to Frontier Developments… this is how you add new content to a game!

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  • Ayrik said,

    That is awesome!

  • Tesh said,

    This is one of the relatively few things that I like about “live” games, where devs can modify things as they go. It seems like it could be a lot of fun, rolling these things out.

  • Adamantyr said,

    That video made me buy the game!