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Back in business… Just in time for the holiday!

Posted by Rampant Coyote on December 23, 2016

I won’t call it a “Christmas Miracle” or anything, but I’m very pleased that my desktop (and development) computer FINALLY seems to be back in working order. I’ve had to replace some hardware, tweak some settings, but now… finally… I’m back up and running. I’m still not entirely certain where the original point of failure was, if there was a cascade effect, or if I just got lucky and had a couple of things go kablooie all at once. Fortunately, the video card was under warranty, the replacement power supply wasn’t too expensive, and my biggest expense was probably the trial-and-error and time spent trying to figure out what was going on, waiting for parts to arrive, etc.

So, on the plus side, I’m back in business! Just in time for the holiday!

I’m also enjoying some sorely needed leave time from the day job. I’ve been capped on my vacation time for the last several weeks (and I’m far from the only one right now), so it’s nice to just forget about it for a while. I wish that I could say that every day at the day job is a wild adventure in Virtual Reality, but most of the time my job involves things like figuring out why the alarm isn’t resetting after it was acknowledged after a simulated electrical fault. Still critical, fun in its own way, but not wildly exciting and cutting edge. Just like most of game development.

I’ve got a long list of tasks I want to get completed over my break, including some work on Frayed Knights 2, but I also really, really want to get some gaming in. Gotta make (figurative) room for the incoming games for next year!

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