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Frayed Knights 2 at the Leonardo

Posted by Rampant Coyote on November 15, 2016

FKFlythroughFriday night, I showed Frayed Knights 2 at the Leonardo Museum. I should have taken pictures, but honestly we were so busy most of the time I didn’t have a chance to even think about it. This was the Leonardo’s “Game Night”… one of their regularly scheduled 21+ events.

I hadn’t been yet… but basically, it’s a party. There’s a bar on every floor. There’s a DJ on the bottom floor. And there’s lots to do, because it’s a museum full of activities. Oh, and the Utah Indies were there with games to play, too.

Anyway – the bottom line was there was a lot of people, and a lot of folks playing our games. Including Frayed Knights 2. Once again, the ones who really “got it” were the old-school gamers who played D&D and the old classics light the Might & Magic or Wizardry series. I can’t say I learned too much new from this demo, but it did remind me of a few points:

#1 – Some people just don’t want to read. Ever. This game is not for them.

#2 – The tutorial needs some visual aids. People don’t get the new initiative system too well at first, because it’s different. After a quick explanation, they generally get it and think it sounds interesting.

#3 – A couple of new bugs have crept in that I haven’t seen before. Probably due to changes I’ve made to the combat system lately, which I didn’t adequately check.

#4 –¬†Using the name “shots” for a single-target grenade might not be the best when I’m demoing it at a party where people are drinking. It has a totally different connotation.

Anyway, it was a good time. Tiring, but a good time.


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  • Modran said,

    Yeah, point #1 is… Yeah, you can’t please everyone. And then, they’re all “How can I do that?” after the tutorial text has been bypassed, burned and buried…