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Halloween Film Impressions: Housebound

Posted by Rampant Coyote on October 21, 2016

houseboundWe watched Housebound, a film out of New Zealand and another Netflix show. I didn’t realize that it was a horror-comedy. It definitely sits on the “black comedy” side of things, so don’t expect light laugh-a-minute fare. It’s not rated, but in the U.S., it would be rated R for the blood, gore and language.

It’s about a girl, Kylie, a petty criminal who gets busted yet again and sentenced to house arrest at her mother’s house. Her mother is not altogether there, and believes the house is haunted. Kylie, too, has memories of it being haunted, but as an adult refuses to believe in the supernatural. But when strange things begin happening anew, Kylie begins to admit that the house may indeed be haunted, and that something evil is stirring once again.

The characters in the show are really what makes the film. Kylie, the central character, isn’t an innocent victim. Her reaction when asked about encountering the supernatural is to “smash it in the face.” Her mother and Amos, the private security guard, become increasingly endearing and interesting characters as the show progresses. And there are plenty of twists and turns to keep it from being anything like just another haunted house story.

Anyway, if you don’t mind the casual use of the F-word (which is a lot more casual in New Zealand than it is in the U.S.), or the use of things like spurting blood as a source of humor, it’s a very good low-budget horror movie. I’d recommend it.

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