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Playstation VR enjoys an enthusiastic launch

Posted by Rampant Coyote on October 14, 2016

ps_vrPlaystation VR is reportedly selling out  in some stores only hours into its launch.

For $399+, I’d suggest that means more than just idle curiosity.

Of course, a lot of it could be deliberate attempts to generate hype for the platform, but even that requires a seed of truth. So again, this suggests there’s demand out there, even more than the steadily increasing hardware wars.

And the hardware wars are interesting. I recently played with LeapMotion, an accessory that mounts onto a headset and tracks your hands using infrared sensors, drawing them inside your VR world. This sounds like a minor thing (and until this technology becomes standard in VR, it won’t be used much), but it’s amazing how much this improves the experience and makes you feel like you are “there” in another world. Meanwhile, Oculus is coming out with new hand / touch controllers that look pretty awesome, and Valve has announced some new VR controllers that will compete directly with them.

There’s even a solution using cameras mounted to the visor that allows position tracking without external sensors.

I wish I could spend more time messing with it, but lately I’ve been in such a crunch from multiple directions that I my time in VR has been negligible for weeks. I believe the positive response (so far) with Sony’s VR represents good news for the technology in general.  People still seem excited by the prospect.

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