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Star Citizen: Squadron 42 Delayed “Indefinitely”

Posted by Rampant Coyote on October 11, 2016

starcitizenSo this happened… (it looks like they changed the title since yesterday, because “indefinitely” is such a crude term… “until some future undefined date” is exactly the same thing but sounds less like “never.”)

Forbes: Star Citizen’sSquadron 42‘ Single Player Campaign Delayed Until Some Future Undefined Date

I wish I could say I’m surprised. I can only say I’m disappointed. Squadron 42 was the reason I backed the game. I’m not much of a multiplayer gamer anymore. The MMOs burned me out, maybe. Multiplayer is too demanding of my time, requiring I devote a chunk to it at one sitting. I don’t feel like doing that very often. (Not, a small period of time allocated to a game that somehow magically stretches to a 2-hour session… I don’t know how those happen, but I didn’t plan on it!)

I was really looking for a new Wing Commander. I don’t know why. I can’t say I was a big fan of Starlancer, and that looked to be a spiritual successor to the series. There have been several games (many indie) which have descended from that concept, and play pretty well. But still, I was pretty excited to see what the man himself, Chris Roberts, could do with a big budget big ideas.

As it turns out, it’s the Strike Commander saga all over again, but with no end in sight. Okay, yeah, a lot of you may not know about that one. It was at attempt to turn Wing Commander into a real-world flight sim after the release of Wing Commander 2. It was jokingly referred to as a “Perennial trade-show favorite,” long-delayed by the standards of the early 1990s. Not much by today’s standards, really. And yeah, I know… glass houses, throwing rocks… where the heck is Frayed Knights 2 already…

Ah, well. I got a Squadron 42 t-shirt out of it. And it wouldn’t be the first game that I was looking forward to which failed to materialize. Just the first one I ponied up full AAA price for. But hey – that’s the risk with crowdfunding, right? I knew the risk, I took the chance, and sometimes I find my faith is misplaced. Probably. At least in anything close to the promised time-frame, but I also expected that.

Hey, there’s still a chance that something will come of it. That, or lots of excuses as to why it was unimportant, why the multiplayer game is all I ever need (whatever state it is finally released in) and is essentially the same thing I thought I was getting in the single-player mode, and how everybody was really only interested in the online game anyway and nobody bought the game for the single-player Squadron 42 anyway.


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  • The Old Farmer said,

    You ever so eloquintly covered my exact feelings on this. No real interest in multiplayer but looked forward to the Single player game as the next incarnation of wing commander. Ah well maybe later.