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Posted by Rampant Coyote on August 23, 2016

Okay, lots of literary delight for you today!

First up… Xchyler Publishing is having an eBook sale for all their anthologies. TONS of short stories / novelettes, for cheap. This sale is running through the duration of Salt Lake Comic Con, but now’s your big chance if you don’t want the paperback edition.

My first published short story is in Terra Mechanica, entitled “Dots, Dashes, and Deceit.” It’s a steampunk tale of a mute autistic savant and a former telegraph operator who uncover a kidnapping plot. My second is in Mechanized Masterpieces 2: An American Anthology, and it is a steampunk sequel to The Legend of Sleepy Hollow entitled, “The Van Tassel Legacy,” taking place almost fifty years later. A young scientist turned pharmacist / chemist befriends the elderly Van Brunt family, and is drawn in to an old family secret in the hamlet of Sleepy Hollow.  My third Xchyler-published short story is “Cold Spot” found in the paranormal anthology Beyond the Wail. Two young entrepreneurs take advantage of modern technology to hunt down the mysterious disappearance of a laptop computer, but in so doing become the next mysterious disappearances.

Xchyler Anthology EBook Sale!


NEXT UP: Another anthology!

ColdSlitherFrom my friend David West comes a collection of “Weird West”  tales, COLD SLITHER. These supernatural horror stories revolve around a fictionalized Weird West version of Porter Rockwell (whose real life was honestly pretty story-worthy to begin with). I haven’t read this book yet (it was JUST RELEASED today), but I’ve read some of David’s other stories, and they are excellent. The dude has a passion for Weird West tales, and like me he grew up reading Robert E. Howard and watching the original Twilight Zone episodes. So… at least you know he’s got the credentials. 🙂

Okay, last but not least… Cirsova Magazine is in the middle of its mini-subscription / pre-order drive via Kickstarter. To help potential readers know what kind of stories are available in the magazine, they’ve put the content of the premier issue up FREE online at the Cirsova website. Plus, to further sweeten the pot, they’ve announced that issues #1 and #2 (PDF editions) will be available as FREE add-ons for backers. So that’s $3 for four issues, including the giant December issue (which has MY story, the Priests of Shalaz! Huzzah!) The campaign seems to be well on track for hitting their target.

So there you go. Lots and lots of deals for short fiction! Enjoy!

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