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Steamfest Time!

Posted by Rampant Coyote on August 12, 2016

SteampunkLookUpToday the last Salt City Steamfest begins… theoretically. The lady who runs it says it is the last year. Maybe she’ll sell it. Hopefully someone else will step in and create a new steampunk festival to take its place. Whatever happens, this weekend, it’s on and it’s an excuse for my family to dress up and have fun.

And in my case, sign and sell books.

Sadly, I don’t have too many more books than I had last year – and nothing new Steampunk. Yet. I have a couple of stories out on submission, and I have a sword & planet story coming out in a magazine in December (Cirsova #4 – you can preorder it now!), and a cyberpunk story that will hopefully come out around in an anthology at about the same time.

Regardless… work has been very crunchy of late, which means I am *SO* ready to kick back and chill in a fantasy-Victorian way for a couple of days. And… when I get home… hopefully I’ll be able to get in a little bit of No Man’s Sky, which releases in a matter of hours on the PC as I write this. So… it should be a pretty decent weekend.

I hope yours is awesome! Have fun!


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