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Cirsova Heroic Fantasy & Science Fiction #3 and #4 Orders Open!

Posted by Rampant Coyote on August 11, 2016

Cirsova3Cirsova Heroic Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine is accepting pre-orders for issue 3 and 4 for the next 31 days.  Issue #3 is due out next month, and Issue #4 will be out in December.

My story, “The Priests of Shalaz,” will be in the Issue #4 – the double-sized Winter issue. My story is a full-on interplanetary science-fantasy set in the 1870s. Jesse Calhoun is a an adventurer who has been stranded on an alien world for many month. Potential help finally arrives in the form the the British Navy. Instead of rescue, he and the native villagers find themselves caught in the crossfire between the mighty British Empire, and ruthless priests guarding ancient technology.

As a side-note, the climax of the story was partly inspired by a nightmare I had when I was a kid.

You can order the PDF editions, the softcover print editions, or even a hardcover print editions. You can order one or both issues (although I hope you’d be interested in Issue #4!). You can get the PDF edition of both magazines combined for only $3, which is IMO ridiculously cheap.  That’s 3 novellas, 2 essays, and 21 short stories… yeah. That is a ton of pulpy reading material for very cheap. I just order print copies because they are cool, and they come with the PDF so I can enjoy it either way. 🙂

This campaign will help ensure that they can keep the coffers full to buy and publish stories next year. As a short-story author, I heartily approve of this plan!

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