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Ghostbusters and billions in Venture Capital: Maybe VR is more than a fad.

Posted by Rampant Coyote on June 29, 2016

I wonder how many people will be a Ghostbuster in New York as their first Virtual Reality experience? It’s probably not a bad way to start. Rumor has it this little experience will continue for a while, both at Madame Tussaud’s and at other The Void entertainment sites (when they open). So… even if the new movie sucks, there will be some good that comes out of it.

Here’s a report of an early visit:

The Virge: We tried Ghostbusters: Dimension, the world’s most immersive VR experience

Indie game developers get an added bonus out of this teaser, as it makes a big deal of their technology of choice, a favorite of indies everywhere.

And… something even more exciting from a developer perspective… BILLIONS (with a B!) may be available to fund VR-related development. If you’ve got some new and innovative application for VR, this might make sense:

Virtual Reality Venture Capital Alliance

Bottom line: It could be wishful thinking on my part, but there’s evidence that this VR thing may be more than a fad. Maybe. 🙂  At least there’s some serious money betting on it now… from Hollywood to the Venture Capital community. And of course, hardware manufacturers and Facebook.


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