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Unity – Full Adam Demo Video

Posted by Rampant Coyote on June 20, 2016

When I was a kid, I got the premier issue of a magazine (Discover?) which had this great illustrated article about computer graphics. Maybe that’s one of the things that sucked me into being a game developer. It showed the evolution of 3D computer graphics up until that point, focusing on non-real-time rendered images.

How things have changed! The stuff that took an entire render farm to painstakingly build frame-by-frame back in the 80s and 90s can now be rendered in real-time on one machine. Of course, non-real-time rendering is getting more and more powerful, too, so it’s not a one-sided advantage.

This week, Unity revealed the full-version of its Unity 5 demo, “Adam.” The first part of it was revealed last year. This is rendered in real-time at 1920×1080 on an NVidia GeForce 980 (which is no longer their latest and greatest hardware!). A couple of points I should make here, though:

#1 – This is a non-interactive movie, which is fundamentally different from a game. In a nutshell… you can cheat and optimize a lot easier when have complete control of the camera. So… making a game look this good might be more challenging. For now.

#2 – This is Unity 3D. Free for low-budget indies to use even in commercial projects, and relatively easy to use. It is (and probably always will be) a few steps behind the Unreal engine in terms of raw graphical power, which is Unreal’s forte. (I say this because I can’t imagine Unreal is never going to rest on their laurels long enough to let Unity catch up to them.)

That being said… this is clearly way more impressive visuals than your average indie is going to be able to max out on an indie budget. ¬†Your game will not magically look like this in either Unity or Unreal without a crapload of work. Bottom line: Unless you are really planning on maxing out the photo-realism (and have a plan and budget to do so), it probably doesn’t matter which engine you go with. Go with whatever makes business and development sense for you, and MAKE GAMES! Technology isn’t much of a limitation anymore.

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  • Mark said,

    Looks great. But vegitation is always the easiest tell. The blowing grass looked horrific.