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Coming Soon: Mechanized Masterpieces 2

Posted by Rampant Coyote on February 10, 2015

“I’m dying already, Mr. Chase. I don’t know that I will survive another sleep in that machine, or another week outside of it. I should be long dead already.”
“But why accelerate it?” Miriam pleaded.
“Because I’m done surviving. I need to live again, if only for a few hours. I need to be strong, bold, and brash. I need to become Brom Bones again. Can’t you see what I am asking? Do you understand what a gift it would be for a man to choose not only when but in what manner he finishes his mortal life?”
— The Van Tassel Legacy, by Jay Barnson

I finished the submitted draft for this story about a year ago. It’s exciting to see it finally see print in this upcoming anthology. There were some pre-releases sold this last weekend, so the book is now out in the wild. It won’t officially be released on February 28th, but it’s now available for pre-order from Amazon:

MMII imageMechanized Masterpieces 2: An American Anthology

This is an anthology of steampunk fiction that is inspired by classic American literature. My story, The Van Tassel Legacy, is based on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. It takes place approximately fifty years after the events of the original tale. A young scientist arrives in the village of Sleepy Hollow, New York, and becomes embroiled in treachery and old secrets within the Van Brunt family. And, of course, a story about a phantom horseman from the Revolutionary War…

And if you aren’t familiar with Steampunk… here’s my take on the subgenre.


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  • Darius said,

    Congratulations Jay! I really enjoyed your last story, looking forward to reading this one.