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Game Announcement: Dreamscape

Posted by Rampant Coyote on April 15, 2010

Dreamscape is an indie Role-Playing Game in the jRPG style from Aldorlea Games. And it’s… a little different. That’s not a bad thing!

Erin, a biology student, is invited to spend some time with her boyfriend Terry at his apartment. She thinks she is only humoring him as he tells her of magic headphones that he obtained the night before – headphones which he claims allow one to go deep within one’s own imagination while listening to the sounds. But as she watches, both she and her boyfriend are pulled into the world of dreams… and nightmares.

They are separated early on, and Terry is lost. Erin finds a person in the dream – a fragment of Terry’s consciousness – that she can escape by using the headphones herself at any time, but Terry will be lost forever, never to be seen again in the “real world.” However, she has the power to enter anybody’s dream by having them put on the headphones.  Through this – and “solving” the dreams of others, she must track down Terry.

All I can figure is that the inspiration for this game must have come from somebody snoozing while wearing sound-reduction headphones. And possibly tripping on something. The game is surreal, bizarre, but pretty dang original. Sure, you have your usual fantasy RPG conventions – leveling up, equipment, bizarro monsters, bosses, and so forth. But the context is refreshingly original.

And weird.

Trying to grasp the logic, history, and order of the dream universe is a little tricky, as it’s fairly unconventional. Fortunately, the interface is straightforward, and a fairly comprehensive tutorial is there to help you on the way. There are also four levels of difficulty.

The music and art quality is – as is becoming standard with Aldorlea Games – pretty top-notch.

You can download Dreamscape from the Rampant Games store. The demo allows you to play for an hour for free.

Download Dreamscape from Rampant Games

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  • Miral said,

    I haven’t played this one, but the description and screenshot remind me a bit of Yume Nikki…