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Beyond the Wail Interview with Julie Barnson

Posted by Rampant Coyote on October 19, 2015

GoGentleOne of my gamedev friends stepped up to the plate and offered to host an interview for the Beyond the Wail anthology. With the luck of the draw, he was asked to post the interview with my wife, Julie.

So DUH… of course I’m going to link to it!

Invicticide’s Blog: Beyond the Wail Interview with Julie Barnson

I can’t say I’m unbiased, but it’s an excellent story! Ghosts and an enchanted fiddle (“the devil’s instrument”) make a great combination.

Also remember that there’s a link to a contest with free loot, so be sure to sign up.

And remember – if you are looking for some spooky stories appropriate for the Halloween season, Beyond the Wail is a great new choice!

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