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Posted by Rampant Coyote on September 22, 2015

So Humble Bundle got together with GameMaker to create a bundle that includes some games that were popular / successful make with GameMaker, including *source code*, and the Pro version of GameMaker Studio, and the exporter for Android. By the sounds of how YoYo Games’ website is now getting HAMMERED with new registrations, I’d guess that’s a pretty popular bundle. (Over 64,000 copies of the bundle in one form or another have been sold so far, so… yeah, probably).

There’s only a couple of days left on this bundle, so act now if you are interested… It may be a pain in the butt to register your account for a while, but it should eventually work:

Humble Weekly Bundle: Play and Create Bundle

If GameMaker Studio isn’t your stile, BundleStars has a bundle emphasizing RPG Maker VX Ace and GameGuru. It has about six days left on this sale, but $8.50 gets you a crapload of game development software and expansions.

Game Makers Mega Bundle at BundleStars

Of course, the indie level of Unity is still free.

But man. What an incredible time to be a game developer, huh? Powerful tools, use for several commercially successful products, tossed at you for peanuts. 🙂  Good stuff.


UPDATE: The YoYo Games website is currently down for maintenance because of the traffic from the bundle. They are trying to fix things. That might mean you don’t get to download GameMaker Studio immediately (I couldn’t register the Android exporter last night, myself), but the bundle and the codes should be fine once things get stabilized.

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