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The Great Big List of Steampunk Games

Posted by Rampant Coyote on July 20, 2015

In spite of technical and logistic issues up the wazoo, Nick Lives of Deli Interactive and I managed to pull off the Steampunk Video Game panel at Salt City Steamfest over the weekend.

We talked about using video games for inspiration for non-digital costumes and adventures (because very few “steampunk” video games fit within the straight-up traditional Victorian London setting), a little about making your own video games (go indie!), and a lot about what kind of games were out there for people to play so they could enjoy steampunky activities beyond the weekend’s events.

Steve Yorkshire of Yorkshire Rifles provided a nice, brief interview about “Why Steampunk?” and how he used it in his game, Airship Dragoon.

And of course, we had the “trailer” video which I shared last week, which included snippets from several games.

Finally – with our presentation, we provided a two-sided sheet including a whole bunch of steampunk-like or steampunk-adjacent video games for people to check out. While all platforms are included, I’m afraid my focus on computer games acts as blinders a little bit for consoles and mobile. On top of that – with the rate of game releases these days, this list was out-of-date the day I finished it. So all of those caveats are to say that this list, as big as it is, doesn’t come close to being exhaustive or 100% correct.

But if you’ve got a hankering for some steampunk, weird west, dieselpunk, or even (!) colonialpunk (that’s a thing, I discovered this weekend), there are indie and mainstream developers out there who are making cool stuff that just might fill that hole in your life… 🙂

Note: Except for We Need to Go Deeper is (I think) already released.

Amnesia a Machine for PigsAerena: Clash of Champions
(Casual / Strategy, Multiple Platforms, store.steampowered.com/ )

Airship Dragoon (Strategy, Win, www.yorkshirerifles.com/webpages/store.html )

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs ( Horror, Win, www.aamfp.com )

Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura (RPG, Win, http://gog.com)

Bioshock Infinite (FPS, 2K Games, multiple platforms store.steampowered.com/)

Bret Airborne (Casual / RPG, Win, http://www.machine22.com/bretairborne/)

The Chaos Engine (Shooter, Windows, http://www.thechaosenginegame.com/ )

City of Steam: Arkadia (MMORPG, Win, http://www.cityofsteam.com/)

Clockwork (Platformer, Multiple Platformers, http://www.clockwork-game.com/ )

Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and InkClockwork Empires( City Building / Horror, Win, store.steampowered.com/ )

The Clockwork Man (Casual, Multiple Platforms, totaleclipsegames.com/ )

Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink (Casual, Win, store.steampowered.com/)

Cogs (Puzzle, Multiple Platforms, http://www.cogsgame.com/ )

Damnation (Action / Shooter, Multiple Platforms, store.steampowered.com/ )

Darkwatch (Shooter, PS2 & XBox – Ebay?)

Dishonored (Dieselpunk Stealth / FPS, Win,store.steampowered.com/ )

Divinity: Dragon Commander (Strategy / RPG, http://larian.com/games/dragon-commander/  )

Fabula Mortis (Mutliplayer FPS, Win, store.steampowered.com/ )

Fallen London (Adventure, Web, http://www.failbettergames.com/fallen-london/ )

Final Fantasy VI (RPG, Multiple platforms, Square – Ebay? )

Guns of Icarus Classic (AKA Flight of the Icarus) (FPS, Muse Games, http://musegames.com/)

Guns of Icarus OnlineGuns of Icarus Online (Multiplayer airship combat, Win, Muse Games, http://musegames.com/ )

Hunters of the Dead (Tower Defense, Win, http://www.traptics.com/site/huntersofthedead )

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing series (RPG, Win,  store.steampowered.com/ )

Iron Grip: Warlord (Tower Defense + FPS, Dieselpunk, Win,  store.steampowered.com/ )

Ironcast ( Casual / Strategy, Win,  www.dreadbit.com )

Ironclad Tactics (Card / Tactics, Win/Mac/Linux,  www.zachtronics.com/ironclad-tactics/ )

Jamestown (Pre-Steampunk shooter, Win, http://www.finalformgames.com/jamestown/ )

Lethis – Path of Progress (City-Building, http://lethispop.com/ )

Machinarium (Adventure, Multiple Platforms, http://machinarium.net/ )

Misadventures of PB WinterbottomThe Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom (Platformer / Puzzle, Win/XBox 360, http://www.winterbottomgame.com/ )

Naval Warfare (Shooter, Windows, store.steampowered.com/ )

Nordenfelt (Shooter, Win, http://www.nordenfelt-thegame.com/ )

On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness series (RPG, Win, store.steampowered.com/ )

Pressure (Combat Racing, PC, XBox 360, PS3, store.steampowered.com/ )

Professor Layton series (Puzzle, Nintendo DS/3DS, http://professorlayton.nintendo.com/ )

Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends (RTS, Win, EBay?)

Rock Boshers DX (Action / Puzzle, Multiple Platforms, http://tikipod.com/rockboshersdx/ )

Sir, You Are Being HuntedSine Mora (Dieselpunk shooter, Multiple Platforms, store.steampowered.com/)

Sir, You Are Being Hunted (Stealth, Win, store.steampowered.com/ )

Skyborn (RPG, Win, store.steampowered.com/)

Sunless Sea (Strategy / Horror, Win, http://www.failbettergames.com/sunless/ )

Steam and Metal (Shooter, Win / XBox 360, ( http://www.indiedb.com/games/steam-and-metal )

Steam Marines (Strategy / Roguelike, Win, http://www.steammarines.com/ )

Steampunk Videogames Slideshow4Steamworld Dig (Platformer, Multiple platforms, http://steamworldgames.com/dig/ )

Steel & Steam (RPG, Win, store.steampowered.com/ )

Styx: Master of Shadows (Stealth, Multiple Platforms,  store.steampowered.com/ )

Syberia series (Adventure, Multiple platforms, http://www.syberia.microids.com/ )

Telepath RPG: Servants of God (RPG, Multiple Platforms, http://sinisterdesign.net/products/ )

Telepath Tactics (Strategy, Win/Mac/Linux, http://sinisterdesign.net/products/ )

TeslagradTeslagrad (Platformer, Multiple platforms, http://teslagrad.com/ )

Thief series (Stealth, PC, store.steampowered.com/ )

Torchlight 1 and 2 (RPG, Win/Mac/Linux, http://www.torchlight2game.com/ )

Valkyria Chronicles (Dieselpunk RPG / Strategy, Multiple Plattforms,  store.steampowered.com/ )

Vessel (Platformer / Puzzle, Win, http://www.strangeloopgames.com/vessel/ )

Warmachine Tactics (Strategy, Win, http://warmachinetactics.com/)

We Need to Go Deeper (Multiplayer Action, Win/Mac/Linux, http://weneedtogodeeper.webs.com/)

Windforge (RPG / Platformer, Win, http://snowedin.ca/projects/windforge/ )

Woolfe the Red Hood DiariesWoolfe the Red Hood Diaries ( Platformer, Win, http://woolfegame.com/ )


For the purposes of educating attendees who might not be familiar with some of the game type / genre terminology, I included some explanations on the hand-out:


Adventure – generally focused on problem solving, don’t usually require fast reflexes

FPS – First Person Shooter: A game where you play from the viewpoint of the character and emphasize ranged combat

Tower Defense: A strategy game style emphasizing building defensive structures that automatically defend against invading attackers

RPG: Role-Playing Game. A game style emphasizing storytelling and character progression (usually, but not always, over fast action)

Stealth: A game style where the focus is on hiding, evading, and avoiding detection by enemies

Casual: Games geared specifically for more “casual” players, emphasizing puzzles, matching or combining objects, and finding hidden objects in a scene.

MMORPG: Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game. A role-playing game emphasizing a large number of players all playing simultaneously in the same world.

Platformer: A game characterized by moving around the environment with accurate running and jumping


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