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Rampant Coyote Interview at RPGWatch

Posted by Rampant Coyote on March 2, 2015

I’ve got an interview over at RPGWatch today. Check it out!

As you’d expect, it’s mainly about gaming and game-making, but there’s a little bit about my writing as well. I’m actually a little afraid to re-read it right now. I can’t recall my state of mind when I answered Couchpotato’s questions, but I suspect I might have been either a little more off-guard or overwhelmed in the interview. Too much going on!

I do know that I’m a bit more upbeat about role-playing games nowadays. Back in the bad ol’ days when I started Frayed Knights, the old-school style of RPG that I used to love was … well, not quite dead, but definitely on life support. Since then, it’s made a recovery in all the good and bad ways I can think of. Which means its probably gonna run its course, flood the market, and die of overpopulation again. But how often do you get to live through such a resurgence? I have way more new, exciting, old-school RPGs sitting in my inventory right now than I have time to play (though I have a business trip next week, so maybe I’ll be able to get some gaming in…

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  • Inge said,

    I just read the interview. My impression was that you came across as a knowledgeable developer, so there is no need to worry, I think.

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    Or at least I manage to fake it okay. 🙂 Thanks, Inge.

  • Cuthalion said,

    Interesting read. 🙂

    I was surprised to see you say you dropped the outdoor sections. But I don’t think that’s necessarily a step backward. One of the things I didn’t like much about the original was walking through the same place repeatedly so I could go back and forth between the town and the dungeon.

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    Yeah, that was kind of a pain. Walking around in the outdoors was fun the first time (lotsa stuff out there – I tried to load it with interesting things), but a pain after that.

    There’s already a certain level of “diving” into a dungeon and then “coming up for air” – that’s kind of the ebb and flow I’m looking for – but I want that to be more of a gameplay mechanic, not a time / tedium thing.

  • Cuthalion said,

    Sounds promising. 🙂

  • Cuthalion said,

    In other words, you want going back to town to be a gameplay phase, not a gameplay interruption.

  • McTeddy said,

    With all due respect… I hate you all.

    I’ve always loved the outdoorsy sections of an RPG so much more than the dungeons themselves. I’d love to see that front expanded into some valuable but so many developers just cut it out.

    But you do what works for your game and I supposed that’s the right thing to do. I’m just going to sit here sighing LOUDLY.

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    I hear ya McTeddy. I’m sorry. Got another game in mind after FK is completed that will be a lot more outdoorsy (although there’s yet another one that’s … well, indoorsy) so… I just gotta do what I got budget to do. I really liked doing the more seamless thing in FK1, and I’m having to re-write parts of FK3 now because it will NOT be taking place in an enchanted forest and in the mountain passes like I’d planned, but… unless I make a million bucks on this game (or hey, a tenth of that!), I don’t see being able to pull it off.

    However, even if I was keeping the outdoor areas, there’d be a lot more opportunities to insta-travel.

  • McTeddy said,

    Yeah, definitely do what you gotta do. I whine, but I’m generally pretty forgiving.

    One day I really should try and tackle the 2 major things I want to see in RPGS. Non-violence and outdoorsy gameplay that is more engaging than “Travel from A to B”.

    That said, unless I’ve got a patreon style income to do the project… I can’t see myself taking that risk. Too unproven for me to dive in head first.