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Wasteland 2

Posted by Rampant Coyote on September 19, 2014

It’s out.

Or maybe I should have said, “Holy crap, it’s out!”

If I can cast my mind back that far, I remember this being the Kickstarter project I was most excited about. A known property. A known, experienced team. An RPG project that said all the right things: Turn-based, tactical, party-based. Even some of the original people working on it (or some of the people who had worked on the Fallout series, the spiritual successors to the original). Oh, yeah, and a cloth map (for the level I backed).

It was as close to a slam-dunk as one could hope for. I wanted to vote with my wallet. And I did. The only thing that could be better, I said, would be Richard Garriott Kickstarting a new Ultima.

Well, Garriott kinda sorta did (sans the Ultima name), and I still didn’t get as excited as I was for Wasteland 2.

And it has launched. Booyah. I had access to the beta, but except for a super-early access that kept crashing on me, I decided to wait until the game was complete, so I could enjoy the full experience. I guess that’s what I’ll be doing. Here’s hoping it lives up to expectations.



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  • samsinx said,

    With this, Divinity and still being only halfway through Shadowrun Returns, it’s a great time for CRPGs. I wish I had time to play them all.

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    Yep. My biggest problem is: the competition has become fierce! I’m not really complaining though. These are good times.

  • Xian said,

    I had backed 3 Kickstarter projects, Wasteland 2, Divinity Original Sin, and Grim Dawn. 2 out of 3 released so far. I am hoping to finish Risen 3 this weekend so I can start on Wasteland 2. Maybe I can finish that before Legend of Grimrock 2 comes out on Oct 15th. At this rate, I am never going to get to my backlogged games – I keep adding new games as fast as I finish the previous.

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    My backlog is so deep it is embarrassing. It’s not like I cannot find 80 hours to put into a game… but it takes a while, and I really can’t play anything else when I do. But yeah – add to this that Dead State is now in beta, Pillars of Eternity is beginning early beta, and I *still* haven’t had a chance to play The Banner Saga, and I’m only about halfway through Might & Magic X: Legacy (which I have *loved*, BTW)…

    Yeah. Can I become independently wealthy now, so I can have time to both make games AND play them? That’d be awesome…

  • Andy_Panthro said,

    I backed so many Kickstarter projects… and now as they start to release, I struggle to find time to play them all!

    I still have Xenonauts, Shadowrun, Divinity: OS and others to finish before thinking of Wasteland 2!