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Frayed Knights: A Slightly New and Improved Trailer

Posted by Rampant Coyote on July 16, 2014

I came to the stark realization the other day that the original trailer for Frayed Knights: The Skull of S’makh-Daon still had the words “Coming Soon” at the end. I figured I’d jump in and just change that particular title and make a quick revision. This was mainly for Steam, but I figured I’d put that everywhere.

I guess that shows how much I know. I don’t upload much to YouTube, so while I was vaguely suspicious that you couldn’t replace an old video with a new one, I wasn’t sure about that. But that’s another story.

But one problem was that I’d had a hard drive crash and an upgrade of Windows from Windows XP to Windows 7 in the interim. Yes, I skipped Vista, and I am skipping Windows 8, just like I skipped Windows ME. So far, that strategy has worked fabulously for me.

Anyway – while much of the raw data was still there, I had to install new versions of the software which were incompatible. An older version, which I eventually had to reinstall, is buggy and prone to crashing / hanging. *Sigh*. I haven’t touched the software in a while, so I had to re-learn how to use it, and it took me a while – and several reboots of the software and re-doing previous work – to get into the habit of saving after every change. Because, of course, I couldn’t let well enough alone, and I decided to make some other tweaks. Changing the font, tweaking a couple of of the clips, changing the wording of a couple of titles that had bugged me for a while…

… And then I realized that I’d actually started with the wrong version of the project file. It was close, but it wasn’t exactly what I’d used to make the original trailer. Ah, well. I didn’t feel like going back and changing things AGAIN, so I just rolled with it. At this point, anything that seemed different felt like an improvement.

The first version I made – even published to YouTube – had a typo, so I revised it yet again. Unless I find something else embarrassingly wrong with it, this will be the trailer that will run for the Steam release (and it’ll probably replace the one I have on the Frayed Knights page, and on the Desura store page as well).

And yes, when we talk about how much stuff goes into being an indie that doesn’t involve making the game, this is one of the many, many, many things we’re talking about. You either take time you don’t have to do it yourself, or you pay with money you don’t have to have someone else do it.

Anyway, if it looks good, feel free to give it a thumbs-up or comment or something.

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  • Diogo Andrade said,

    Hey there… Long time reader and lurker here… 🙂

    The only criticism I have is that the resolution is a bit low… In a text heavy game as Frayed Knights, it’s too bad I can’t read the text in the trailer, which would really add to it, in my opinion…

    It might be impossible to improve the resolution, if you don’t have uncompressed sources, though..

    Another improvement (but I work with video streams in my DayJob, so I might be nitpicking) is that the blacks (on the backgrounds, etc) are not fully black, which gives the trailer a “VHS” look. That’s probably something to do with the encoder, though… What are you using?

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    Fraps and Microsoft Movie Maker, Diogo. And while I recorded it at higher resolution, that’s all YouTube will give me. I guess I need to be in more “widescreen” mode for it to give me a full HD option.

  • Diogo Andrade said,

    If it’s a aspect ratio issue that YouTube doesn’t allow you to go over 360p, how about adding some black bars to it? Or maybe a background image to make it widescreen?
    You might be able to do that with ffmpeg (the swiss army knife of video encoding)… That might also help with the definition of the blacks (you can convert to a more YouTube-friendly format, like flv or mp4, instead of relying on wmv (think that’s what MMM uses))

  • Daniel King said,

    It would be nicer to see it in a higher res. I actually preferred the previous font.

  • Cuthalion said,