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GOG.com Embraces the Penguin

Posted by Rampant Coyote on March 18, 2014

GOG.COM has announced it is working on Linux support for much of its expanding library.

For very old games running in DOSBox, this should be no problem. Newer games can be an issue, unless they already support Linux.

I can read this a couple of ways. First of all, like Mac support, it’s simply a way to capture a few more sales from platforms that have traditionally not enjoyed the most stellar of game support. All by itself, this is a good thing.

But – consider that Steam is going big on Linux, too, including (but not limited to) the “Steam Machine” specifications.

Microsoft has repeatedly telegraphed that they want to lock down their operating system, so they can control and take a piece of the revenue of every application released for Windows. They’ve had trouble going down this route without shooting themselves in the foot, but it is clearly a goal. They want their own app store.

My own conclusion from that was not that Windows would no longer be a viable platform for me, but that I cannot depend on it, and should go with an eye towards other platforms. It seems that was Gabe Newell’s take on things, too… only a bit more strongly. Could GOG.com also be looking at a seismic shift in the near future? Not so confident about Windows 9 being a full apology to PC users?

I’m a PC gamer, but that doesn’t mean I’m a Windows gamer. That’s just where I hang my hat. I was playing tons of games on the Commodore 64, in DOS, and done quite a few hours of gaming on the Amiga and Mac. Windows has been where the games are, so I’ve gone that direction. If that changes, I’ll change too.

But in the meantime, I’m still on Windows 7.

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  • ogg said,

    Interesting, I definitely don’t like the idea of Windows turning into something like an Ios device. PC will always mean one of two thing to me, personal computer, or IBM-PC compatible hardware. Anyway, theres always reactos when it’s finished.