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Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore

Posted by Rampant Coyote on August 28, 2013

256px-Planescape-torment-boxI haven’t mentioned Guido Henkel’s new thing yet. I figured I should remedy this little problem.

First of all: Who is Guido Henkel? He’s the producer of some pretty legendary titles in the computer RPG history – the original Realms of Arkania series, and Planescape: Torment.  He was also involved in the production of Fallout 2 and Neverwinter Nights.

Pretty cool pedigree, right? He’s also a writer, programmer, and composer. Nice combo.

And as a final claim to fame, he was the face of the Nameless One on the box art for Planescape: Torment. Yeah. That guy. I have it on good authority that he doesn’t look quite like that when he walks down the street.

So after a little bit of hiatus from game development to pursue writing, he’s back to game dev. He attempted to launch a larger-scale RPG entitled “Thorvalia” via Kickstarter at the end of last year, but it didn’t generate enough interest. So he’s gone with something a little smaller scale. Now, he’s working on a party-based, real-time, first-person perspective RPG. It’s official title is Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore.

DeathfireLogo640The game is “step based” – which, when combined with real-time gameplay, gives you a gameplay style somewhere along the lines of Dungeon Master / Eye of the Beholder / Legend of Grimrock fame.  From his developer diaries, it looks like they are emphasizing story and character customization content a bit more in this game than Grimrock, which will be welcome for legions of RPG fans who got a little bored with the puzzle / tactics based gameplay of Grimrock. At least that’s my interpretation, and it certainly sounds like it is Guido’s intention:

It will be as gripping as Dungeon Master – or Grimrock if you’re not old enough to have played the original Dungeon Master upon which it was based – but it will have the depth of a real role-playing game, putting it more in line with the Wizardy games, perhaps. It will be a completely amped up affair. It will be more intense and deeper than either of these games. We have completed the character system design at this point and I can tell you that there are enough character attributes and stats to rival the Realms of Arkania games. Well, not exactly, but we’re not too far away from its depth. Our intentions are to push the envelope on what has been done with stepped role-playing games in the past. I feel that there is a huge untapped potential how that gaming experience can be enhanced.

He’s certainly saying the right things to my ears.

Oh, and like many of the cool RPG developers these days, he’s using Unity. 🙂

Deathfire is still in early stages of development, and is expected to release sometime next year.


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  • BarryB said,

    He’s the producer of some pretty legendary titles in the computer RPG history – the original Realms of Arkania series, and Planescape: Torment.

    The ironic thing is that after he left PS:T, BIS did everything they could to erase his name from the project. I interviewed Henkel twice, and the second one, after all this went down, found him in a very bitter mood. He maintained that at least some of the impetus towards depth in character and writing was due to his involvement and pushing things in that direction. Given the breadth of his knowledge, I’m inclined to believe him.

    Good to see he’s getting back into game development. Hopefully, some more of that depth will come out in whatever he produces.

  • getter77 said,

    I want to think this will be good, but am frankly a bit wary after the Big Deal with the special focus group all that time in the making turned into an odd naming scenario/marketing murmurings—I was really expecting that to be(come) something of a meatier take on what Ubi has been doing with the Might and Magic X community polling and whatnot. I’m still pulling for it all to work out, especially after his legacy got a bit stained as of late via indirect association given how terrible the Realms of Arkania HD remake launch and ongoing situation turned out, but he really needs to zero in.