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GOG.COM Does Even More Indie Outreach

Posted by Rampant Coyote on August 21, 2013

It’s not earth-shattering or anything. But GOG.COM is trying to make themselves more accessible to indies than their competition.

What that really comes down to is that they are making it a little easier for indies to submit games; they are promising “honest feedback” (telling you why your game was not accepted), and switching over to a more industry-standard 70/30 split.

Sounds nice, but not spectacular. The big thing here is that I worry they are opening themselves up to just getting flooded with sub-par, often unfinished and unpolished titles. They’ll need a whole staff for that one. I mean, it sounds cool, but then I wonder what the difference is between this and pre-Greenlight Steam. How much will change? How much can change?

But then, I consider Desura. Seriously, I ignore most of what comes out on Desura, but I have bought a lot of games through them (not all through Indie Royale bundles…), and I have been pretty impressed by some of the quirky, small titles to be found there… and nowhere else (except direct, if you can find them).

I like the idea of GOG.COM becoming a place where you can find quality indie games that you just can’t get elsewhere (*coughsteamcough*).

While I haven’t seen anything too concrete, GOG.COM is promising better discoverability and marketing – they’ll actually push your title instead of just dumping it into an ever-expanding back warehouse of titles. Again – I don’t know how far that goes.

It’s funny to see all of these “names” competing for indies these days. What a change!


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