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It’s E3 Again!

Posted by Rampant Coyote on June 10, 2013

Okay, it’s time for E3 once again! This year I’m once again enjoying it from the comfort of my own web-browser. This week, we can expect the following:

1) More information on the next generation of consoles! How will they be more bad-ass than anything that has ever come before in the history of mankind? Why should you not believe your own eyes when you have trouble telling if a game is on the new console or an older console?

2) A whole slew of eye-popping new games – half of which have you running around killing things with a machine gun, and the other half have you running around killing things with a sword. (Yeah, I know, I’m one to talk…)

3) A lot of hand-wringing about the existence of booth-babes. Yet the same people doing the most hand-wringing are ignoring the booths without ’em….

Snarkiness aside, it is kind of a promising week for game industry news. Once upon a time I watched with much more eagerness – but then, I was in the mainstream industry then, and half of the excitement was looking for mentions of our games. Prior to that, there was CES, which was always kind of exciting to me back when the industry was a lot younger and there weren’t nearly as many games out there.

Now? Well, somebody’s gonna be covering indie hall out there, and I’m sure there are maintream games coming out this year that will be pretty cool.

Traditionally, the biggest noisemakers of E3 were the big consoles. With the PS4 and Xbone on the horizon, it’ll be an interesting year. But I’m just not sure I’m gonna be picking up a new generation console for a long time. Unless you include the new microconsoles, like the Ouya.

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  • Xenovore said,

    Yeah, I have absolutely no reason to get a new console; the PS3 is doing just fine, thanks.

  • Olly said,

    New consoles? I thought Microsoft were releasing a betamax player (their black brick certainly looks the part).