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The Ouya – SHIPPING!

Posted by Rampant Coyote on March 29, 2013

I’m excited for this console. I want mine NOW. I’m a little concerned to hear about the controller issue, though I guess it was too much to hope for that it’d be perfect right out of the chute.  It’ll be kinda dumb if the ‘best’ controller for the Ouya turns out to be an XBox or Logitech controller…  I’ll still hope that the latency issue is something that can be resolved with software.

The Ouya – SHIPPING!

The Kickstarter Darling Comes Home: Hands On with the Ouya

UPDATE: Penny Arcade’s First Look at the Finished Ouya System

The idea of a console being about the size of the controller is cool, but not entirely new to me – after all, I’ve been playing old Atari games on consoles built into a form factor of an Atari-era joystick.

After all the hoopla surrounding this little Kickstarter uber-project, the reality will be interesting. Nobody is expecting this little console to be a toe-to-toe contender in the next-gen console wars.  In fact, I am not sure anybody is entirely sure what the market for this box is supposed to be at all. And if it doesn’t set the world on fire, will former supporters brand it a “dud?” Will it inhibit future low-budget console makers from entering the market?

It’s a weird time for consoles. The rumblings I keep hearing are that the mighty consoles are struggling. Now, some of this can be attributed to the usual end-of-lifecycle blahs that come in every generation of consoles, and it will vanish on the pile of forgotten doomsday predictions when the new “big” consoles hit the market with the usual industry-shattering BOOM. And at that time, we may all be saying “Ouya? What Ouya?”

The flip side isn’t that spectacular for the Ouya, either. Once upon a time – even just a few years ago – this could have been a pretty industry-shaking event. A super-cheap console emphasizing indies and (perhaps) retro-gaming? WOW! All-digital distribution? All titles with “free-to-play” modes? Okay,  sign me up!

But now we have indies on the consoles. And perhaps, with the next-gen consoles and their concerns about a failing business model (and the fairly spectacular rise of indie gaming from obscurity to… well, something less obscure), might the indies be treated as something better than third-class citizens on the new big-name consoles? Will it be just as easy (or just as hard) to bring Frayed Knights 2 onto the newest XBox and the PS4 as on the Ouya?

If I knew the answers, I’d probably be rich.

Instead, I’m just looking forward to goofing around on a strange game new console.

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  • Bad Sector said,

    There is actually a thread in the OUYA forums where people had encountered the lag around January and it seems to be a software issue – mostly with Unity games. Someone said that he found out a way to eliminate the bug, but the consensus seems to be to wait for the official update.

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    That’s awesome news, actually – although it did effect Cannibalt and I didn’t think the Ouya / Android version was written with Unity. Regardless, if that’s something that can be fixed in software before launch, that’s excellent.

    The “sandbox” thing has the potential to be very cool if it is a place where sales can actually take place. Then it becomes more of a “junior league” vs. “senior league” type thing. Then it’s a place where marketing effort is not just an “all-or-nothing” thing… it’s just a place for the hardcore to check out games before they’ve been moved to the more discoverable tier. And it’s a place where bullcrap can go to die.