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Build Your Own Bundle, and Get a Free Game Engine!

Posted by Rampant Coyote on September 11, 2012

Want to make your own indie gaming bundle?

Gamers Gate’s got you covered with the Indie Fort 3 Bundle.

Pick any 3, 6, or 9 games at $1 per minimum, and be sure and kick in some extra cash for the developers.

There are a LOT of RPGs and games with “RPG Elements” in this bundle.  Devil Whiskey (an updated Bard’s Tale clone from about 10 years ago), Telepath RPG: Servants of God, Cardinal Quest, Dark Scavenger, Demise: Ascension, and others are some pretty fascinating indie RPGs. And I’m kinda fond of A Sirius Game as well,  which is more in the Adventure / Strategy / RPG category. But there’s a Defender-style action game, at least one tower defense, a 3D Platformer, and many more titles that are well worth a buck or three as part of the bundle.


And you wanna hear something really stupid? I bought a couple of ’em last night that I already owned from another bundle. Yes, I’ve just gone into bundle overload, where I don’t even REMEMBER which ones I already own.  Still, I paid peanuts for ’em last time, so I don’t mind handing over an extra bit to my fellow indies for good games. Fortunately, they can be gifted. Maybe I should come up with another contest or three here, hmmm?

Okay, that covers the gaming side of the fence. How about the game development side? Well, you know how we indies never seem to have any money to cover things like engine upgrades, of submission fees for various contests (or Steam Greenlight), and stuff like that? It’s always nice to get access to something free (legally), isn’t it?

How about the Torque 3D game engine?

I bought it “on sale” many months ago when I was investigating it as an upgrade path for the Frayed Knights series. I kinda regret it, as I ended up not using it, but it was already a sunk cost so this news makes no difference to me. It *is* a very interesting alternative to Unity at this point, so worth checking out. Open-sourcing the engine could make things a lot more interesting on the third-party front as well: One of the problems the community kept running into in the past was submitting code updates & changes, as we had to protect it so that only other Torque owners could see the code (as it inevitably included parts of the non-open source code we were modifying).

Anyway, cool stuff all around!


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  • Bad Sector said,

    So i got this DEMISE: Ascension game… and apparently they use some sort of awful on-line DRM that ran out of keys.

    I suddenly switched from feeling a bit guilty for not having enough money to buy the big package (i’ve got the three games one) to feeling ripped off (since i’ve also got the Devil Whiskey game from the same developer and i don’t want to support such developers).

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    Oops, I got Demise too but haven’t run it…. ;P

    Technically Devil Whiskey is a different developer – I think the new owner just bought the rights to it, but he owns it now. I think they are still stuck in the 1990s in a lot of ways. I shared email with the owner a couple of times, and just getting these games to go digital was something of an issue. For years it was mail-order a CD-ROM only.

  • Anon said,

    “and just getting these games to go digital was something of an issue. For years it was mail-order a CD-ROM only.”

    At first I thought they were available only on audio cassette – being “non-digital”…

  • Adorna said,

    Oh, Devil Whiskey is still around? how cool. I made one or 2 pictures for the game ….. way back ;D

    .. then it just seemed to be gone..

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    Yeah, my suspicion is that the developers kinda disbanded due to disappointing sales. But still, it was a pretty big project – I’m surprised so few people have heard of it.

  • Xenovore said,

    Torque 3D going open-source: pretty exciting stuff! This is definitely something to keep an eye on.

    Yes, Jay has gone over to the Unity camp; he says it’s hugely better to work with, but I think that’s mainly a matter of personal preference. I tried Unity out but it didn’t grab me; it’s certainly different but hardly better. The default UI and terrain features are pathetic, for one. And for all the good stuff (in the Pro version), you still have to pay a considerable amount. (And you still don’t get any source code!)

    T3D has a great feature set, easily capable of visuals on par with Crysis or Farcry 2. I personally like how most stuff works in T3D. The stuff I don’t like, I can go fix since I’ve got the full engine source code. Or someone in the community has already fixed it and I can just go grab their code. And now with it going open-source, there should be a lot more code resources, tutorials, etc. available. I mean, look at what’s happened with Blender after it went open-source.

  • lempar said,

    “It *is* a very interesting alternative to Unity at this point,”

    No its not. Know what its an alternative to ? BlitzBasic.