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How to Beat Procrastination

Posted by Rampant Coyote on August 29, 2012

Heh – the really funny/ironic thing is that I’d had this article on my list of things to read for several days, but I put off reading it.

How to Beat Procrastination

I like that the article explains the three different psychological influences that encourage procrastination,  as well as providing tips for overcoming these influences. And there’s no magic formula presented, just tips to see what works for you.

I struggle with this one, too. One thing I’ve seen indies do to help remedy this is to work on shorter projects – which significantly reduces the “Delay” factor.  In the past (something I should consider repeating) I’ve mixed up task lists by grouping pleasant, fun tasks with the less thrilling ones. That way the “fun” tasks act as rewards for completing the more annoying ones. Setting milestones – even internally – with a third-party is another proven method of reducing that delay factor. In fact, it’s getting to be about time I start doing that with this blog, as I did during the development of Frayed Knights: The Skull of S’makh-Daon. So long as you don’t become resistant to embarrassment for failing to hit your deadlines, being answerable to someone can really be a good motivator.

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  • Krankyboy said,

    I knew when I saw the title of this article that it would reference Piers Steel. He is actually a personal friend, and let me tell you – he is always late and a victim of his own study topic. =)

    So though it can be understood, beating it is another matter 😉

  • Piers Steel said,

    Ha! I only know one indie gamer so we are going to have words later. Procrastination can be beaten down, beaten to the point where it isn’t really an issue anymore. You can’t get rid of it entirely as it is part of who we are. And as the most prolific professor at the University of Calgary (you don’t get the Killam Emerging Research Leader award for doing nothing), I can say reducing procrastination doesn’t give you magic powers to do an infinite amount of work. The more you take on, eventually some of it won’t get done.

  • rioka said,

    Before I used to make To-Do lists and so on but now I don’t rely on a list and just get down and work on one thing and one thing only until it is complete. And most of the time it’s:
    a) something fast and small I can do with a clear finish once it’s completed and
    b) it’s a task I remember and am thinking of at that moment.

    Also, I make sure that if I’m thinking about it, I don’t push the task aside and “save it for later”. Since I’m thinking of it, I do it then and there (because you can procrastinate and forget later on). So far, it’s been working out for me – 2 months and counting! : )