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Your Friends, the Video Game Companies…

Posted by Rampant Coyote on August 20, 2012

Just remember:

Video game companies are your friends.

And these cartoons will help you remember just what kinds of friends they are.

I guess I could add one about indies: “The indies are a collection of casual acquaintances you see in the local clubs, and perhaps you remember a few of their names. They seem pretty cool when you are clubbing at night,  but you pretend you don’t recognize them when you see them working at the Burger King the next day.”


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  • WhineAboutGames said,

    “… as long as you only make friends with people who possess Y chromosomes.”

    (Considering my loooooong years of playing video games, I get confused by this sort of thing.)

  • Anon said,

    Bethesda is so spot on that it hurts.
    Although he should look a bit better!

    And EA as the mafia of the video game world is a natural.
    Or was it Activision? 😉

  • Foreigner said,

    Very amusing and generally spot on. Can’t agree about Valve/Steam though. He’s more like the incredibly social and charismatic friend you have, who you might naturally hate because he seems to be everything you’re not. But somehow you don’t. However, whenever he’s around, you find your missing a few more dollars than you thought you had, and if you question him about it, he gets super defensive and threatens to set his lawyer friends on you and take away all your stuff. You wonder briefly if he might be too good to be true, and possibly a psycho, before dismissing those fears from your mind and looking forward to the next time you see him, because somehow he makes life seem so much more fun.

  • Foreigner said,

    And as for Indies, sorry you feel like that! If Indies worked at Burger King I’d be even worse shape than I am now, because that’s where I’d be hanging out all the time …