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Robert Boyd on How To Become an Indie Game Developer

Posted by Rampant Coyote on February 16, 2012

Robert Boyd of Zeboyd Games (“Cthulhu Saves the World“) has some advice for aspiring indies…

So You Want to Be an Indie Game Developer?

There is probably nothing new here for folks who have been following this blog for a while, but it’s still good advice: Practice, Analyze, Iterate. There’s more, of course, as well as some detailed suggestions, but it really boils down to variations these three basic actions, and getting help when / where possible.

You become an indie game developer by… DUH… making indie games.

You become a GOOD indie game developer by making games a lot, soliciting feedback, and improving your craft.

You become a SUCCESSFUL indie game developer by getting good at it, and through either luck (playing the field!) or calculated effort meeting the demands of the market, and (which Boyd doesn’t really mention) discovering how to get your message out. Sometimes someone else will take that job for you, or things will just go viral and LOTS of people will do that job for you – but it still has to happen one way or another.

Like most other fields, persistence seems to be the key. As I frequently note, while almost nobody had heard of Notch before Minecraft, it was far from his first title. It wasn’t even his first successful project.

It definitely ain’t easy. But I think for me it’s so ingrained it’s just a part of me.

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