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Darklight Dungeon Eternity – All Maps

Posted by Rampant Coyote on October 19, 2011

I got a message from Jesse Zoeller that all FIFTY (count ’em) dungeon levels for his upcoming Darklight Dungeon Eternity have now been “carved out.” The release date has been pushed back to early 2012. Considering the fact that hours into the alpha I still hadn’t gone past the fifth level or so (and that level was kicking my butt!), I’d say this is going to be quite the extensive dungeon crawler.

Click on the thumbnail to the right to get the full-sized image of the collection of maps. He hopes to have the last few levels of content finished and balanced by the end of this month, and then there’ll be many weeks of beta testing.

I think this is a great season for aficionados of good ol’-fashioned dungeon crawlers. 🙂 Between this, Frayed Knights: The Skull of S’makh-Daon (if I do say so myself!), The Legend of Grimrock, and the revised Sword & Sorcery: Underworld Gold, I’d say dungeon delvers will have plenty to keep them busy for the next few months.

Now if I hear that Knights of the Chalice 2 is due out before the end of the year, I’m officially cancelling my Skyrim preorder!

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  • getter77 said,

    Yep, lots of nifty stuff afoot. I randomly stumbled on this one the other day that also seems to be coming on along:


    Berserker Quest 6: The curse of the onyx medallion

  • Demiath said,

    I semi-randomly stumbled upon BQ6 myself yesterday, and despite being little more than a Quake 1 mod in certain respects there’s something very compelling about its focused, hardcore action RPG experience. Let’s hope it continues to grow and develops an easily accessible co-op community of some kind in the process…

    DD: Eternity definitely looks promising, although I haven’t played much of the original Darklight Dungeon yet (…but I at least bought it). The outdated shareware-style, Spiderweb-esque “manually send the developer your unique hardware key and get an unlock key back” DRM is always annoying, though; I hope he changes that for the sequel.

  • jzoeller said,

    @Demiath, Yes, the hardware key registration has changed. It is a very simple process now.

  • Demiath said,

    @jzoeller …and that’s exactly what I wanted to hear. Will surely buy Eternity, then.

  • skavenhorde said,

    Ok, he sold me. I’ll be grabbing this thing when it’s done.

  • Charles said,

    For some reason I was never able to get the DD demo to work. I’m downloading again to give it another shot. I’ll have to report the error I got if it comes up again. I just noticed there’s a forum 🙂

    I still have to finish FK, KotC & Bloodlines though so I’ll probably jump straight to Eternity though.

  • jzoeller said,

    99% of the time it’s from not having directx 10+ or .NetFrameWork installed. There are links on the website for them both.

    I’m looking at a better installing to make sure these are installed during setup.