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Inaria: Now Available

Posted by Rampant Coyote on May 24, 2011

I guess you can all check out the game for yourselves, now. Inaria has been released.

I’ve found myself still playing it even after my preview. Kinda surprises me, ‘cuz I’ve got The Witcher 2 unfinished on my hard drive as well (which I really enjoy, besides the twitchiness demanded by it as an action-RPG).  I think Inaria just has the ability to (theoretically) be played in short, five or ten minute sessions. I say theoretically because they end up going longer than that for me. Progress is rapid. Dungeons don’t take too long to complete. And it loads really, really fast, being such a tiny game. So it fools me, as I find myself looking for a short break, into thinking “just a quick session until I level or finish this dungeon.” It’s still a short session, but usually twice as long as I expect.



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  • BellosTheMighty said,

    Umm… okay, it’s a glorified demo. Downloaded it last night, blew through it in 2 hours. Real disappointment. The engine is solid, and it’s got the old-school feel down pat, but comparing it to Ultima 3 is incredible false advertising. The appeal of the Ultima games in their prime were huge worlds with (reasonably) complex stories and backstories that came together slowly as you explored. Inaria has a paper-thin plot and is totally linear.

    I wouldn’t mind if he hadn’t compared it to one of the greatest-of-all-time candidates, but he did, and I call bullshit. And while I’m not going to make a big deal over five bucks, I’ve played free games that had more depth.

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    In fairness, I’m the guy who drew the Ultima III comparison – before he even added the U3-style line-of-site shadows. I didn’t intend to suggest that it was based on Ultima III, but rather used that as the example of an era and style of games that it drew inspiration from.

    I’m sorry if my preview left you feeling deceived. That was my fault, not Veridian’s, but that was still the impression I was left with when playing the beta.

    I still haven’t finished it, but I’ve had to restart from the beginning a few times with the updates during beta.

  • Viridian said,

    BellosTheMighty, I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the game. I don’t think the blame lies completely with Jay; I’ve often cited the early Ultimas as part of my inspiration.

    Please be aware that we have a money-back guarantee at ViridianGames.com; if you wish, simply email me and I’ll refund your money.