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Game Announcement: The New Queen – Truth Be Told

Posted by Rampant Coyote on April 12, 2010

Warfare Studios’ latest RPG is now available at the Rampant Games store.

The New Queen – Truth Be Told

My apologies to Raphael – I promised to get this up more than two weeks ago.

The story centers around a plot by revolutionaries to overthrow the good queen Lorelei through lies and violent attacks on her people, and to install a new queen in her stead. Desperately defending her land from the violent onslaught of the usurpers, Lorelai turns to three allies in whom she can trust – her adopted daughter Victoria, the former outlaw Alkor, and the newly trained mage Celine. Will their loyalty and courage be enough?

One way in which The New Queen – Truth Be Told departs from traditional RPG Maker fare is that it uses hand-drawn environments rather than the more typical tile-based approach. The characters are more realistically proportioned, though that does make the animation seem more choppy. Still, you can see the evolution of skill in this game over Warfare Studios’ previous offerings, Dark Souls and Dark Souls II.

As always, the cool thing about indie games is that you can check ’em out before committing the contents of your wallet.  Download The New Queen – Truth Be Told,  and give it a test drive.

Download The New Queen – Truth Be Told

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