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Colossal Cave Revisited… In VR. By Ken and Roberta Williams!

Posted by Rampant Coyote on March 22, 2022

If you’ve followed me for a long (VERY LONG) time, you probably know that the great-granddaddy of text adventure games, the Colossal Cave Adventure, was quite an influence on me as a kid even when my first encounter with it wasn’t my own personal playthrough.

Well, it looks like legendary game developers Ken and Roberta Williams, pioneers of graphic adventure games, started playing with Unity during the pandemic, and pulled a team together to remake Colossal Cave in 3D. With VR support.

Yeah, naturally, I’m gonna be there. Even if it sucks, I’m going to check it out. Because… Colossal Cave. Ken and Roberta Williams. VR. That dragon had better be waiting for me on that frickin’ Persian rug.

It should be out this summer on Quest 2, PC, and Mac. Not sure if the PC version will have VR support yet, but it’d be a crime if they didn’t include SteamVR support.

More information at IGN.


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