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No Man’s Sky Goes VR This Summer

Posted by Rampant Coyote on March 26, 2019

I played over 70 hours of No Man’s Sky when it was originally released.  Unlike others, I wasn’t disappointed. Yeah, it got repetitive and lonely at times. There was a starkness to it that no amount of lush procedural visuals could overcome. It’s changed a lot since then, graphically, in gameplay, and it has true multiplayer. Sadly, I haven’t had the time to devote to it. Yet.

But now… it’s getting a VR update this summer. So… I may have to see if I can possibly find some extra time. And with a major multiplayer update, maybe I’ll have to see if anyone else I know is playing… 🙂

Hello Games emphasizes that they are treating this as a native VR game and not a port. I hope this means they’re adopting comfort-level control options. Because I really wanted to play this game in VR even before it launched… then I discovered how susceptible I was to VR sickness. Bleah. While I have my VR legs now, the problem hasn’t completely gone away. I want a game I can play for a couple of hours at a time with no problems. (Something I can do easily in something like Skyrim VR, or even in a flight simulator if I’m not going too crazy…)

Anyway, I can’t wait. I’m also looking forward to the announcement of the third major feature of the free No Man’s Sky: Beyond update, and more details of what their big “online” update really means.

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  • Captain Kal said,

    I am thinking of renting a PS4 VR headset, just to test it when it comes out!! There are also drivers for connecting it to PC!!

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    Are there? I didn’t know about that. Cool.

    I just hope it runs well on my Pimax. High-res, high FOV…. sorry, I’m giggling with excitement. 🙂 I thought I was supposed to be jaded by VR by now? Anyway, cool. Good luck playing in VR! 🙂

  • Captain Kal said,

    Even though you have a Pimax, you can find instructions of how to connect a PS4 VR to PC, in the following link:


    Now days PS4 VR is quite affordable, and with a good selection of software (I want to try the Apollo Sim). But I had a serious inner ear infection four years ago, and I don’t know how VR is going to affect it!! (Even though as a mean of medical treatment, I started practicing HEMA Longsword, (https://www.hemaalliance.com/new-to-hema). Ha!!! In my late forties I became a Highlander!!!!!!!! )

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    I like having the link here just as a way for others to find it. As for me… I am going to have a tough time justifying another headset any time soon! (Although having a stand-alone inside-out tracking headset, like the upcoming Oculus Quest, would be AWESOME! I just like the idea of playing anywhere, even though I wouldn’t…)

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