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Blood Creek Witch is a Whitney Finalist!

Posted by Rampant Coyote on February 12, 2019

My novel, Blood Creek Witch, is a finalist for the Whitney Awards. I was not expecting that. I’m kinda floored. My category is “YA Speculative Fiction” (Fantasy is kind of its own thing with these awards, based on entries… so contemporary or urban fantasy gets put into speculative). Since it’s also my first novel, I’m eligible for the Best Novel by a Debut Author award as well. I’m thrilled, honored, and … well, reeling.

The awards are in May, and it’s a nice formal event. I’m looking forward to going. I have a friend who is a finalist in the same category (Ali Cross, and her urban fantasy, “First Kisses Suck.”) so we can cheer each other on.

Speaking of Blood Creek Witch, the sequel–Blood Creek Beast–will be releasing one month from today, on March 12. I’m really excited. Yeah, it’s impossible to top the excitement of launching my first novel, but this is another really big deal for me. I’ve got the nervous experience worrying that it’s an adequate follow-up for the first book. Watch this space for more info!

Also… this week I’ll be at LTUE in Provo. You can see my schedule here. They’ve tapped me mainly for my game development experience this year… which, granted, significantly exceeds my writing experience. I’ll be on a panel about how to “write” a video game (focus on narrative and story), launching an indie game, developing for consoles vs. PC, and on magic systems in games.

So… yeah. It’s an exciting week for me. (That’s not including the frantic deadline we’re trying to meet at the day job…) But hey, at least I am not bored, right? 🙂


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