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Pimax Offers Apology for Delays on New VR Headsets

Posted by Rampant Coyote on January 7, 2019

Pimax has been running into (yet more) delays delivering their new VR headsets, the 5K+ and 8K. This is frustrating for a lot of backers and pre-orderers (like myself), as we’ve been looking to Pimax as either the culmination of the first generation of consumer Virtual Reality, or the beginning of the second generation. They are clearly an evolutionary product, offering higher resolution and much higher field-of-view than what’s currently available.

Unfortunately, with each month they delay in fulfilling all their pre-orders, they give the competition time to catch up. Well, unfortunate for THEM. For consumers, the competition is exciting. I think this week, the Oculus Rift is marked down to $350, and the Samsung Odyssey Plus is offering real competition to the Vive Pro at less than half the price for a complete package. And we can expect new announcements literally any day now.

I’ll give Pimax credit for owning up to their problems *AND* taking a real effort to solve them, as they issued not only an apology but an explanation of their efforts to improve things. Clearly, they want to play with the big boys this time around, rather than remaining a boutique VR headset manufacturer. In particularly, they are citing problems with quality, and a change in suppliers and an improved QA process (and staffing).



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