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A Week in Blood Creek

Posted by Rampant Coyote on March 20, 2018

Last week was pretty focused on the Blood Creek Witch release. This has been quite the milestone for me, and the initial feedback I have received has been really positive.  So… yay! Hopefully those of you who were interested are enjoying the book. If you haven’t had a chance to pick it up yet… HEY, that’s easy to solve!

Blood Creek Witch on Amazon

Blood Creek Witch at Barnes & Noble

The ship times from Amazon on the paperback seem a little… weird. I’m getting reports that its actually shipping out within a couple of days (here in the U.S.), but I’m not privy to what’s really going on there. Even my publisher is a little mystified, and has contacted the printer to find out if anything was amiss (answer: no, everything’s normal on their end). So… it’s just a little weird. But books are shipping.

If you have read it and feel the urge to review it, please do. Amazon’s algorithms run on two things: Purchases, and reviews. Crossing magic thresholds in their algorithms means a LOT. Just sayin’. 🙂

Anyway, it has been a wild, wonderful week. Thanks to everyone for bearing with me. I assume it will get easier in the future. I will say that compared to an indie game release, it’s a lot less stressful. Some of that may be because I’ve had the support of my publisher.

And the fun is far from over. I understand the contracts are signed and the work on the audio book has now begun. I imagine I will start getting chapters back to listen to and review pretty soon. This feels more than a little surreal to me. I mean, I’ve read it to myself aloud (parts of it several times), but it’ll be something else hearing the very talented Janel Valentine reading it.

I’ve got two local signings scheduled. I’ll have more information on these dates and locations shortly. I’ve also been hard at work on revising the next Blood Creek book. So… while it’s amazing to have Blood Creek Witch finally out and in the wild, I’m still living there right now, and will be for a while. I’m not complaining.

Oh, yeah, and I’m going to keep putting up reminders… if you are interested in the new, relaunching mailing list, you can sign up here:

Jay Barnson’s Tales Mailing List

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