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Blood Creek Witch: It’s Out!

Posted by Rampant Coyote on March 13, 2018

Who is that guy, and why is he smiling? Oh, well, you can probably trust the guy in the Commodore 64 t-shirt.

Oh, yeah. It’s release day!

Blood Creek Witch is now available in print and e-book format for your entertainment. Contemporary fantasy set in the mountains of West Virginia, there’s magic, monsters, and mayhem. I’m super-pleased with the work my publisher, Immortal Works, has put into this to make a quality book. It was fun to write, occasionally fun to edit, and extremely fun to hold in my hands.

I hope it’s even more fun for you to read.

You can order it right now, for immediate delivery on the kindle, or in the good ol’ fashioned paper version (still my preference, as much as I love eBooks):

Blood Creek Witch at Amazon


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