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Recovery: Continued

Posted by Rampant Coyote on January 17, 2018

I’m somewhat amused by how I’ve gone from thinking “Hey, I’m feeling much better than I expected a day after surgery” to, “Hey, it’s been almost two weeks since the surgery! Why am I not fully recovered yet?” It’s annoying because while it was not that major of a surgery (these days…), it’s kind of dominated my lifestyle for the last two weeks. It doesn’t help that I have an paranoid imagination convinced that every time I sneeze or stretch my guts are going to burst out through ripped seams.

On the plus side, I’m at the stage where I’m supposed to be taking long walks. While the weather in Utah hasn’t been that bad so far this winter, I’m still turning it into Doctors Orders to hit the treadmill at the local gym. So hey, it’s forced me to start the year out with hitting the gym on a regular basis. I just have to keep that habit going once I’m allowed to lift weights again.

Then I came back to work and found us back in something of a crunch because of a new opportunity that’s opened up. The day job can be unrelenting sometimes. In addition, I’ve had some deadlines on the writing side I’ve been struggling to meet. Huzzah, I seem to have met them. My publisher is getting eARCs of my upcoming novel done right now to send out to advance readers, and I hope the cover reveal will be soon. I also finished a short story submission for StoryHack (deadline Saturday, so there’s still time!!!). As a reminder, issue #1 is still the most recent, and contains my story, “Retrieving Abe.”

So… yeah. My 2018 has pretty much bolted out of the gate with Stuff Happening. Not bad stuff… not always good stuff… just lots of stuff.

If nothing else, it won’t be a boring year.

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  • The Old Farmer said,

    Good to hear you are on the road to full recovery. The good thing with being on “light duties” is that a keyboard & mouse are not too heavy to work with. 😉

    The best thing now is not to lift too much or stress the guts for 4-6 more weeks. Its a PITA but better than going through it all again down the road.

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    Amen. And since it was a small hole with a small fix, that’s a good news / bad news situation. Good news… lighter impact, which is probably why I am healing so well. Bad news: It’s entirely possible to rupture it again in the same place if I’m not careful.