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StoryHack #1 is out – and it’s awesome!

Posted by Rampant Coyote on September 25, 2017

I’ll have a report on Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 later. But for today… I have bigger news:

StoryHack #1 is out. You can get the Kindle Version here.

You can also get the ePub version from Kobo, if you prefer that, and the Nook version at Barnes & Noble.  I imagine there will be versions on Smashwords and other locations soon, but that’s what’s out now. The print version is due later this week. I already pre-ordered a print copy, but I would want to own the print version for the cover alone. Actually, I think I want a print of this cover. The artist gets it. He understands pulp.

This one also features illustrations for each story. This is ridiculously awesome, and a common element in the classic pulp magazines. StoryHack Issue #0 was a good prelude, a proof-of-concept and test run. They’ve upped the ante with Issue #1. I haven’t read all of the stories yet (it’s been a busy week), but there’s once again a variety of action and adventure stories. Most have a speculative element, but not all. That’s one thing that differentiates it from, say, Cirsova (which is also excellent).

My story is entitled, “Retrieving Abe,” and is set in the “weird west” circa the mid 1880s. When a dragon abducts her husband from the tiny village of Shiblon in the Utah Territory, Lydia–the daughter of a dragon hunter–is the only one who can rescue him. But retrieving her husband may involve trading her life for his, and dragons are notoriously tricky creatures.



John Olsen has a story called “The Protector of Newington” about a steampunk superhero in London, and the one-legged Moroccan inventor who  builds the steam-powered armored suits. Julie Frost’s “Brave Day Sunk in Hideous Night” involves a werewolf PI with severe PTSD and a time-traveling vehicle that isn’t exactly a DeLorean. A young man with a possessed gun that can’t miss comes into conflict with an aging gunslinger who cannot be hit in David West’s “Under the Gun.” Mike Adamson’s “Circus to Boulogne” tells of a pilot shot down and evading capture behind enemy lines in World War II. In Jon Del Arroz’s story, “Taking Control,” an aging criminal in the old west may find herself with one last chance at a big heist courtesy of a salve from a Cheyenne medicine man. Something is causing wealthy men to suddenly give up their fortunes and commit suicide in “Dream Master” by Gene Moyers. Martians kidnap Becker’s blind date in “Some Things Missing in her Profile” by David Skinner. In “The Price of Hunger” by Kevyn Winkless, a man desperately flees through the winter woods, pursued by the Wendigo. And in the cover story “New Rules for Rocket Nauts” by Michael DeCarolis, a washed-out Rocket Naut cadet finds himself holding the line against an alien invasion.

If you’d prefer the paperback version, I can’t blame you. Watch this space and I’ll let you know when its available… probably later this week. Otherwise, the links above will get you the digital version of your choice for very inexpensive quality entertainment. There’s a lot of good storytelling to be found here, so I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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