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The Emotional Journey of Creating Something Great

Posted by Rampant Coyote on January 10, 2017

This probably doesn’t need much commentary…

… But I’m going to add some anyway.

A depressing truth: That journey looks the same regardless of whether you’re making crap, something okay, something good, or something great. It just ends at different points along that line. But anything worth trying is going to go through that process and journey.

Another depressing truth: ┬áSometimes you emerge from the swamp of despair, start having hope, and then find out you aren’t actually out of it yet. Sometimes this happens over and over again on a big project.

More inspiring truth: While sometimes Something Great happens early from a combination of factors (including luck), much of the time… if all other variables stay somewhat consistent… the peak on the other side often ends a little higher each time. So it’s worth taking that journey several times.

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  • Tesh said,

    I think the journey of creativity is worth the bumps in the road. Making something new is good for the soul.

    Making a living at it is proving to be tricksy, though. I can manage my own expectations and disappointments, but utility bills and rent are a bit more inflexible.

  • Modran said,

    Mailed to friends, printed, and scotched right to my left ! Thanks !