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Rocksmith Enjoys a December Upgrade

Posted by Rampant Coyote on December 14, 2016

So soon after Rocksmith 2014 was transformed into “Rocksmith Remastered Edition,” the game / guitar trainer has enjoyed a new upgrade just in time for the holidays. Many of the changes involved interface improvements to the new features added in the Remastered Edition. Being able to edit song lists from the “Learn a Song” mode will be nice.

One new feature that may encourage me to use the “guitarcade” exercises more often is the endless replay option for a game. Really, I like playing the games, but they go by fast, and the waiting and interface between them was really frustrating.

But the really big news was that acoustic guitars are now good to go in Rocksmith:

While Rocksmith always let you sing along with a microphone, now you can point it at your acoustic guitar and the game will read the notes for you.  Up until now, you could play with an acoustic by using an acoustic pickup. But this is a much better solution. I prefer electric, but I love my Yamaha acoustic also. It sounds great. 🙂  The microphone mode won’t process the input with any effects, which is fine. There are already plenty of songs in the library by now that are based on acoustic guitars. I’d guess there’ll be many more coming.

There’s also a Disconnected mode, requiring no cable at all, so you can just follow the notes, really turning Rocksmith into more of an interactive songbook (with its own unique notation).

Strategically, I’d say this is a solid move for the Ubisoft team. This makes the game useful to all guitar players, as long as they’ve got the computer or console to play the game. Whether you plug in, mic up, or play completely unplugged, it’s of some value. That doubles their potential market, I’d imagine.

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