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Video Card Blues

Posted by Rampant Coyote on December 9, 2016

Sadly, I didn’t have much time before my business trip to figure out why my computer started getting flakey. Upon my return home, things didn’t get better. It looks like my really awesome and fairly new GTX 1070 card has been dying, which makes for much sadness. I tried everything to analyze and correct the problem in case it was with my computer or a bad driver or something, but my desktop has been rendered all but useless for gaming… or game development.

It’s still working well enough to type on, at least. And after jumping through a few hoops, the manufacturer is sending me a replacement. So I should be able to game again before I go on vacation. Huzzah.

I feel like I have bad luck with video cards (and subwoofers). But really, I just had one bad machine about 10 years ago that I think burned out 3 video cards (two were SLI-linked). I had cooling up the wazoo on that beast, too. I think it was the budget motherboard.

Fortunately, I have a laptop that’s good enough for everything but VR gaming.  So I can still manage to play Rocksmith, if I want to take the time to set stuff up. Or even do game development (on a small screen). But a lot of it is just a reminder to me of how my life is dependent on my computer these days, and if something goes wrong, it screws things up. Maybe I should take this as a warning of how screwed I’ll be when civilization collapses.  But before I get to the point where I’d do anything about it, I’ll have a new video card, and there are games to be played…!

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  • Modran said,

    I know the feeling. My computer can’t manage some games (like DDOS) after 15 minutes. The video card is 1 year old, but the rest of the computer is 4-6 years old. That’s like ancient history !

  • Viridian said,

    If your video card has a video out port on it, you can probably plug your main monitor, keyboard and mouse into it so you can at least not have to squint when you’re doing game development. I’ve had to do that more than once.