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Book Signing at Winter Faire This Weekend (and NaNoWriMo Results)

Posted by Rampant Coyote on December 2, 2016

cirsova4coverHi folks! I’m going to be at the Utah Winter Faire this weekend… or at least today and tomorrow. Yep, going directly from one show to another. I’m going to be so exhausted next week. It’s a really fun event. There are a lots of vendors with holiday / geek / general stuff for sale… so it’s great for Christmas shopping. Plus, there are events going on constantly, like medieval fighting (with real weapons! Yikes!), and of course dancing. It’s a good time. 🙂

Anyway, I’ll be selling & signing books, for those interested. My copies of Cirsova #4 also came in (in the nick of time!), so I will be selling & signing copies of that one. And I’ll be dancing. I won’t have red shoes and we won’t be dancing the blues, but we’ll be teaching vintage dances from the Victorian, Regency, and even earlier periods.

And hey – NaNoWriMo just ended. If you’ll recall, I committed to it, even though I acknowledged that November generally sucks for me anyway, and this November was going to be particularly harsh. It was actually worse than I expected, as I wasn’t expecting to have to travel and work a trade show the last week of the month. Still, I managed to get 41k words written, which was a big chunk of progress, on top of 15k I’d already written. So while I didn’t “win” it was still good to force myself to work on it daily. With a bunch of 11-13 hour workdays programming, game dev programming wasn’t really happening most nights, but I could usually devote an hour or two to writing. Well, at least I intended to. There were some sessions that ended with my falling asleep at the desk, exhausted, but at least I managed to get some time in to both get words written and to “wind down” from the work day.

So… it was a good experience. I think I learned a bit more about myself as a writer, at the very least, and how my process needs to be managed. And, after three years of focusing on short stories, it’s been good to spend time working on the longer form.

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  • Crash said,

    Winter faire was really cool, but meeting authors there and being able to talk about the steampunk style was a lot of fun, was the highlight of my visit there and I got a lot of compliments on my cane with its unique skull top

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    It was great getting to meet you! And yeah, the cane was pretty epic… 🙂